LTE 700 MHz

Vectura LTE 700 meets the demand for broadband and voice services in rural and urban areas using wireless technology. It also meets the dedicated sub band for National Defense, Security and Infrastructure, besides Limited Private Services.

The system combines advantages of the technological platform of 4G mobile network, which enables high spectral efficiency and data speed, with the large coverage provided by the 700MHz band. At this frequency band, the coverage radius of the base stations increases significantly, requiring less cells, reducing initial investments, and operational costs. Trópico offers a complete 4G network solution, Base Station VeNB-C 700 (Vectura eNodeB-Compact), Core network (Vectura EPC) and terminals, rugged outdoor/vehicle and an Indoor model.

VeNB-C 700 (Vectura eNodeB-Compact) is fully outdoor Base Station that does not need any connection to indoor modules, therefore not requiring secure and climate-controlled environments. This type of equipment provides zero-footprint installation, with significant reduction of installation and operation costs.

Additionally to the global offer of portable terminals, like smartphones and tablets, Trópico offers two other fixed terminals:

  • An outdoor/vehicle terminal, with military specifications and high reliability, for critical coverage areas, attending critical mission, smart grid and M2M, beyond tactical communications
  • An indoor terminal, with Wi-Fi and integrated FXS integrated, for SoHo, residential and strategic communication