LTE 450 MHz

Vectura LTE 450 solution meets the demand for broadband and voice services in rural and suburban areas, enabling access to a increasing range of service offerings to new users. It operates in 450 MHz, a band that was standardized by 3GPP (the international organization that generates the technical standards for the LTE technology) with strong collaboration of Trópico and CPqD. Trópico is a pioneer in the provision of this tecnology at global level

The system combines the advantages of the technological platform of 4G mobile networks, which provides high spectral efficiency and data speed, with the large coverage provided by the 450 MHz band. At this frequency, the coverage radius of the radio base stations increases significantly, requiring less cells and reducing initial investment and operational costs. VeNB-C 450 (Vectura eNodeB-Compact) is fully outdoor Base Station that doesn’t need any connection to indoor modules, therefore not requiring secure and climate-controlled environments. This type of equipment provides zero-footprint installation, with significant reduction of installation and operation costs.

Two terminal models are offered to end users: VLT-I, an indoor model with a Wi-Fi access point and an integrated voice port (VoLTE) and VLT-E, an outdoor model for users in challenging coverage conditions.

The solution also features specific communication applications in urban areas, such as network access for Smart Grid and Internet of Things (IoT). With the growing demand for new data oriented applications, Trópico has the perfect LTE solution, that combines coverage and capacity.