Network Operation

This service includes all equipment and system infrastructure which, in conjunction with the operating management, ensures a qualified service and the compliance with the business requirements.
The Network Operation and Maintenance Services include project, planning, management, daily system operation with professionals present at the customer’s facilities.
All services are flexible in terms of configuration and adaptation to customer’s needs.
Trópico offers the telecommunications service providers the network operation service, according to the standards established by the regulation of the Commute Public Switched Telephony Network – PSTN.

The service is based on the infrastructure supply in 3 layers:

  • Voice Platform: to provide access to the provider’s customers and the interconnections with other providers, control and tariffing of calls and service application.
  • Operation Support System Platform: it is a set of tools and systems that ensure the view of the network operation, verifying the indicators and anticipating the network event tendencies.
  • Business Support System Platform: it is a set of tools and systems that ensure the business view, verifying the indicators and ensuring that the operation reaches the expected levels of profitability.

For these 3 layers, Trópico offers equipment of the Vectura line, with proven quality in our market, as well as partnership with the best equipment and system suppliers.

Network management is offered through:

  • Specialized technicians in the 3 layers: providing uninterrupted service and meeting demands based of the service level agreed. These technicians belong to teams comprised of professionals with extensive experience in order to ensure that the system performance will be strictly according to the specifications.
  • Processes adhering to the customer’s operation: provision of reports and process flow defined together with the customer for the areas of operation, business, and regulatory management, according to the frequency and service level agreed.
  • Trópico is committed to network performance through the Service Level Agreement – SLA and Key Performance Indicator – KPI metrics. Based on these measurements, our customers can focus on commercial strategy, brand, and expansion of the network core and subscribers database.

Service Management – Network Operation and Maintenance

Trópico’s Service Management provides an end-to-end solution, from the Project and network implementation, with the operation and maintenance of the network, as well as the metrics and measurement analysis, according to the collected data and taking preventive actions.
With this model, the Operator can achieve more aggressive CAPEX and OPEX goals.
Benefits to Customers:

  • Focus on Business
  • Network quality guaranteed
  • Reduction of Operating and Maintenance costs
  • Efficient operation of the equipment