Mission, Vision, and Values

This set expresses Trópico’s identity and the essence of what is present in all its actions.



Integrated and innovative solutions in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), focusing on Applications (virtualized, embedded), Networks (wireless, wired) and Specialized Services that add value and competitiveness to customers’ business.



To create value for customers and shareholders, contributing to the progress and well being of the society.



To be globally recognized as an innovative, competitive and sustainable company.



Innovation, Agility, Respect, Trust and Perseverance.


Innovation – To innovate in our products, solutions, processes, services, organization, and business models in order to provide competitive differences to the customers and results that create value for the shareholders.

Agility – To work in a fast and intelligent way. To be proactive and careful.

Respect – To have attitudes that take into account the motivation of the other, understanding all points of view involved. Listen to opinions, build consensus.

Trust – To be honest, seek your permanent overcoming in knowledge, skills and attitudes. Contribute to the group and the company.

Perseverance – To be constant, firm. Do not give up when faced with challenges.