Network Management

Trópico has always developed products in the network core, controlling the communication sessions. This space in the network demands the solutions to have a robust and flexible management System in order to guarantee a safe Operation. The management System plays the difficult role of connecting the communication network elements with the Information Management systems of the Operator which, by its turn, translate the internal trading, operating, and collection processes.
Additionally, the Management systems have another challenge which is to serve the business areas whose focus is not the network operation, but the business operation. It is necessary to provide managers with visibility so that they can decide on the service plans to offer to its customers. More recently, there is a strong tendency of self-service by the customer themselves, with significant gains in the operating cost reduction.
Trópico has developed a family of management systems that allows such visibility in all levels of use.  Moreover, powerful tools were developed for searching correlations between customers’ data, which opened space for the effective exercise of Business Intelligence at the Operator.