Vectura Signaling Server

Vectura Signaling Server (VSI) is a router device for several signaling protocols used in fixed and mobile telephone network, such as SS7, SIP, MAP, INAP, CAMEL, with an innovative approach.

In addition to the message routing itself, its concept enables the provision of services on telecommunications networks, by acting in the signaling messages between the network elements. Vectura Signaling Server can change a signaling message of a call, interfering in the way it is treated by the network nodes. This action is called intrusive routing and is made by accessing a call by call database, from where data is collected in relation to the type of action that should be performed in the signaling messages. The equipment verifies if there are action to be executed based on the number of A, the number of B, other signaling parameters or a combination of them.

It is possible to have several logic perspectives of action, each associated with an application. Each application may be used to provide  services to users or network. Vectura Signaling Server has an innovative concept, where applications do not depend on the signaling protocol. Thus, a service can be offered regardless of the network where the user is, giving the operator the advantage of offering it in a centralized way, with a single supply for all networks.

The intrusive action on protocols enables the introduction of new services without the need to change the software of the existing switch elements or service platforms. This approach provides a significant reduction of operating expenses and investments to the operator, as services are provided in a centralized way and rendered in a uniform manner, regardless of the variants of each switch equipment supplier and the hiring of individual software.

Examples of services provided using Vectura Signaling Server:

  • Supplementary telephone services
  • Services for the prevention and actions on fraud
  • Number and network portability
  • Call routing and control
  • Generation of CDRs for billing and network monitoring

In addition to the offering of services based on internal applications, Vectura Signaling Server can execute the mediation between network protocols and external service platforms. This mediation, known as service orchestration or “service brokering”, allows the services available in a network to be shared by others, or the application of more than one service on a single call, in a transparent way for the network where the user is.

This combinations of internal applications and mediation with external applications makes Vectura Signaling Server an essential element for the evolution of the telecommunications networks, as it remains as an orchestration and interoperability element in the evolution for the IMS architecture, assuming the function of SCIM (Service Capability Interaction Manager), SIP Gateway, and Signaling Gateway.