Vectura IP Access

Vectura IP Access (VIA) is a gateway media family that is able to encode voice signals in IP packs (Voice over IP – VoIP), enabling the connection of equipment of conventional TDM telephone networks with converging networks using IP protocol (NGN or IMS). They are controlled by centralized network elements (media gateway controllers or softswitches) through protocol H248 and provide telephony services by means of a great variety of access interfaces.
Products of the Vectura IP Access family vary according to the size and type of terminal or connection they support. VIA family is presently comprised of the products listed below.


VIA PX MGT is a media gateway with E1 interface capacity variable according to the number of modules equipped in its structure and is used for connecting with public or private telephone exchange (PABX). Each module behaves as an independent media gateway and has 4E1s, which may be set up with R2 (BR or ITU), RDSI PRI (Sigtran IUA), SS7 (associated or quasi-associated mode) signaling, in any combination. It has features such as redundant input interfaces for external synchronization of 2MHz, interface redundancy of Ethernet network and ability to establish semi-permanent connections using clear channels.


VIA DT is a small-sized media gateway for connection with public or private telephone exchange (PABX) through E1 interface. It is 2U in ​​height and has capacity for up to 2 media gateway modules of 4 E1s each, which may be set up with R2 (BR or ITU), RDSI PRI (Sigtran IUA) signaling, network or terminal side, SS& (associates or quasi-associated mode), in any combination.