Vectura Service Broker

The evolution of the telecom networks requires the coexistence of fixed, mobile, TDM, and VoIP networks. It is a substitution that results from the business environment, where mergers and acquisitions, in conjunction with investments in new technologies, create a new different environment. Each network has its added-value service platform and each platform has its protocols and different ways of accessing. The service platforms correspond to a significant part of the investment and are responsible for the identity of the operators before their customers. In this heterogeneous environment, it is necessary to make the service offering as uniform as possible for all networks, by introducing new platforms and taking advantage of the existing ones, therefore optimizing investments.

Vectura Service Broker is a network element between the several networks of an operator and its service platform.  It can make the mediation process between any network protocols and any platform protocols. It can also coordinate the execution of several services for the same communication session by accessing one or several platforms and giving a consolidate response to the network that searched for the service. Additionally to the service intermediation function it can execute embedded applications.  Such applications are convenient to the operator and makes Vectura Service Broker be seen by the networks as if it were a service platform.