Vectura IMS Core

Vectura IMS Core adds functional blocks I-CSCF, S-CSCF,  P-CSCF, AGCF, and BGCF, as defined in the IMS architecture of 3GPP. Such blocks may be incorporated into the platform in a totally integrated way, in a single device, or mapped in individual equipment, depending on the solution extension. This feature ensures high modularity and scalability, resulting in an economical solution for both low and high traffic networks.

Vectura IMS Core Platform was designed according to the IMS open standards and, consequently, it can interact with the other elements of such architecture (application servers, HSS, on-line and off-line billing systems, media gateways and others), integrating with systems that have already been installed at the operators. This provides tremendous speed in the configuration of multiple services and control of several media, ranging from Internet services to fixed and mobile networks.