Vectura Edge Switch

Vectura Edge Switch (VES) is a high capacity TDM switching, used in conventional fixed lines.

It is the evolution of the technology known as Trópico RA, famous for its robustness and high availability and it is present in approximately 9 million telephone lines in Brazil. Benefited from the development of Trópico’s NGN equipment, Vectura Edge Switch is introduced to the market with its technology updated and rich in functionalities.

It is a high modularity device that can function as a subscriber center, traffic center, or a combination of both. It is competitive in small sizes and can reach up to 100,000 subscribers within the center itself or in remote line stages. In network, it is used both in low and high hierarchy positions, performing intelligent network functions.

Vectura Edge Switch is a reference product when it comes to the compliance with national telephony standards, including functionalities of Access Point to Intelligent Network Services.

As the other products of Vectura Line, it has distributed processing architecture with division of the positive load N+1, which provides extreme reliability, as in case of fault other processors will assume the load of the inoperative processor. In conjunction with a switching matrix and a communication network between quadruple redundancy processors, the product has very high fault-tolerance.

The equipment management and transfer of tariff files are via IP network, which allows easy integration with business support systems of operators.